As October comes to a close I thought I would shout out some films/TV/books for the spooky season I really enjoyed.


The Sandman Based on one of my favorite graphic novels, I was very hesitent to dive in because I had such a emotional connection to this work, but I really liked it’s depiction. Really excited to see it’s been renewed for a second season.

Midnight Club Another Netflix show that I’m only halfway through this show, but it’s a good romp. I have enjoyed past Mike Flanagan work, partically Midnight Mass, and so anything from him gets me excited. This show follows some young adults navigate death and illness while telling each other(and living out) spooky stories.


Relic This movie is an unsettling examination on aging, and caring for family. Sometimes borders on a trop of “old people are scary”, but also ends in a sweet moment.

Barbarian This movie is experiencing a massive moment in the spotlight. My recommendation is to go in with knowing as little as possible and enjoy the ride.

Speak No Evil This movie makes you think about explicit and implicit social contracts we create with other humans around us. Also how hard it is to make friends as an adult.

Mad God This is a passion project by Phil Tippett and wow is it a project. Entirely silent, mostly all stop motion, and 100% terrifying.

Men Alex Garland has done a lot in his