Software Development, Cycling, Cooking, Movies, and Christ!

My bucketlist!

Software Development

I love deconstructing complicated systems, and identifying areas of improvement. I’ve spent over a decade working in the DevOps/SRE/Systems Engineering. I have done some work in GoLang, and am currently working towards learning more. I dream of working on some of the high-traffic backends like an MMO etc. but I feel like it would probably be more stressful then I realize ;-)


Living in Portland, Oregon I cycle almost everywhere - rain or shine. I dream of a car free lifestyle that’s embraced by entire communities. I love participating in Pedalpalooza rides, or other organized events. Last year I rode in Reach The Beach and in 2022 I rode the Seattle to Portland ride.


One of the biggest ways I spend my free time is cooking either for myself or other people. Last year I set a goal to make a new pie every month. This year I’m focusing more on bread baking, though not posting as much to Instagram.


I’m a big fan of film and theatre, especially local productions. I’m fortunate to live in a city that honors it’s local arthouse theaters. I follow the The Filmcast crew and community for most of my film news and discussions.


I’m involved in the Imageo Dei church and community in Portland. I went with a TEAM group to France to commune with several churches and missonaries. I utilize the Bible Project resources of videos and podcasts for discussions and building communities around biblical discussions.