In the 17 years I’ve had a steam account, I’ve accumlated a lot of games. Many of these were small sub-$5 games that saw, picked up on sale and never played again. Cut to today where I’m wanting to A) Improve my video capture and production skills B) Be a better reviewer & C) Find a project to do during COVID where I didn’t have to leave my house

Enter KENDIES aka Kendrick plays the Indies - Short video reviews of the various indie games from my library.

I’ve been able to do about 1 a month, and I’m hoping to record a bunch more before 2020 is over. Theres no way I’ll be a YT star nor do I want to promote myself enough to even garner near that amount of traffic. Even though I’ve just produced a handful of videos, I’ve learned a lot around how to write and produce my thoughts into something a little more consumable. I’d really like to stream some of my playthroughs as I record them, that might require a little more processing power then I currently have.